Adelaide | NYC Newborn Photographer

nyc newborn photographer

Adelaide and her parents live in a very sunny apartment, and her mom told me ahead of time that she was most interested in using a big white wall in the space to shoot some studio-like portraits. I was more than happy to oblige; I love shooting against a wall in natural daylight!

One of my favorite photos from this set is one of Adelaide’s parents swaddling her. I consider myself an expert swaddler (comes with the job over time) but when possible, I much prefer to sit back and photograph new parents figuring out the best method. Adelaide was very patient with hers while they worked on it, and they did a terrific job! Her arm didn’t hulk out of the swaddle until the very end of the shoot, and that’s a success in my book!

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Bonus photos of extended family! Could these two grandmas be any happier??? Below them, we have an auntie on the left and a grandpa on the right. All glowing and so happy to welcome their newest family member!