hi, i'm lauren :)

2017, with my very tall husband // 2023, with our very tall toddler

When I was growing up, a professional family photo shoot meant going to a studio and being posed. Preferring documentary-style portraits, my mother taught herself to use an SLR – and the photos she took are priceless to my family. To this day when I visit Mom at home, we'll often curl up together with an old photo album to soak up decades of memories.


Here I am as an infant with my dad, and a few years later reaching to touch my sister's feathery baby hair:

That cozy, nostalgic feeling I get when I look through those little 3x5" prints is on my mind at every session in my work. I want the images we take together to be your keepsakes! When you invite me to photograph your family, know that I'm working my absolute hardest to capture images you'll cherish for the rest of your lives.

I want your session to be fun, and I know for a lot of folks that may sound unrealistic. I'm a regular, down-to-earth person who can deeply relate to the discomfort of having someone take your photo in the era of the perfected selfie – challenge accepted! “I’m not photogenic” or “I never look good in photos” are concepts I squarely refuse to believe in. Photogenic just means comfortable in front of a camera, and I can get you there!


Sometimes the best shot of the day is a perfect, smiling portrait. Other times it's one of the goofy outtakes. Often it's an in-between candid, a split second of magic. My approach is somewhere between fly-on-the-wall and editorial; above all, it’s important to me to take honest images.


Let’s tell your story together :)