Vacation Portraits at Gantry Plaza

Sessions with siblings are so special. As I get older, I find that photos of me with my sister taken while we were growing up are some of the most precious to me, the most fun to look back on, and of course great to keep on hand for social media posts when we’re in the mood to embarrass ourselves and each other.

I’m hoping with this shoot, we ticked all those boxes for these sisters except the “embarrassing” one, which I will count as a success! We walked around one of my favorite locations of all time, Gantry Plaza State Park. I’m a Brooklyn gal through and through, but even I have to admit that Queens *might* have a leg up with respect to views of the Manhattan skyline. YOU CAN’T SEE THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE THOUGH, so…one point for Brooklyn there 😉

At the end of the shoot the girls spotted an ice cream truck, which is obviously exciting at every age. If only I could work out how to hold an ice cream cone while operating a camera! Maybe I should look into an assistant…