Neingrenze 5000T @ Control Voltage | NYC Photographer

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I took the Neingrenze 5000T for another field trip, about a year since the last time I took it out. Oops, sorry little buddy! The battery was completely dead, but I charged it up and we (BCC and I, not the camera and I…) headed to the Control Voltage Fair so I could snap some photos for Bangbang.

We got there by taking the East River Ferry directly from the Williamsburg waterfront – and Smorgasburg! – to South Street Seaport. It felt like it was a million degrees out in the sun, but once the ferry gets moving there’s always a great breeze. And yes, I would recommend at least one trip on the ferry where you’re not taking in the view through a viewfinder (or in this case, tiny grainy LCD). I mean to be honest that’s how I see just about everything, but trust me when I say this is worth trying the alternative! When else do you get to see the undersides of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges?! (I’m not even being sarcastic, it’s awesome.)

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