Logan | NYC Newborn Photographer

nyc newborn photographer

At the risk of sounding cheesy, some newborns I meet have a certain vibe about them that suggests they’ve been here before. I think it’s some combination of quality of eye contact and overall serenity, that sometimes makes a tiny baby seem wise to me.

Since I’m clearly having trouble articulating it, maybe these photos will explain better – at 20 days old, Logan definitely had it! What a calm little man. He didn’t fuss at all during our shoot!

Bonus: at the very end of the session, we managed to get a shot of Logan with his big brother Jett! Photos of babies with their furry siblings will never NOT be the cutest thing ever, but believe me when I say it’s more difficult than you might think to pull off a photo like this… without Photoshop, that is. (This is not a composite!)